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Embrace the Extraordinary of tiny home living without sacrificing full-size amenities.

Seeking affordability and desirability in housing? The trend toward luxury cottages is on the rise. Eagle Park Cottages is here to meet the demands. We offer 35+ customizable models, with a focus on high-quality living in less space. We offer a unique housing experience.

We have cabins, cottages, multiunits, mono-slope roofs, different roof pitches, interior and exterior fireplaces, and so much more!


Ready to downsize and live large in a tiny space? We’ve got your back in Texas! Not only do we have the perfect tiny homes, but we’ll also help you find the perfect spot to park your dream cottage. Whether you’re dreaming of rolling hills, lakefront views, a planned tiny home community, or a cozy urban corner, we can help match you with the land that’s just right for your tiny adventure. So, take the leap, and let’s make your tiny living dreams come true in the Lone Star State! Your new tiny home and the perfect Texas spot are waiting for you. Contact Us for your new land adventure.

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