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The Cardinal

Base Cost $63,490*

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Standard Features


Base Cost $63,490*


Base Model

Base Cost Cardinal Model ($63,490)


Roof Pitch Options

6/12 STD

Door Options

36” 6 Panel Fiberglass door STD

Exterior Color

Paint STD

Front Porch

Back Porch



Linoleum STD


Laminate STD


Stained STD


Black STD

Heating & A/C

Tile, back splash, fixtures, hardware, faucets, color selections, and additional options will be discussed in detail on a design call for final product review and order.


    Get ready to step into the Cottage Cardinal floor plan, where every day feels like a breath of fresh air! This abode is a launchpad for your life’s adventures, starting with a living room that’s practically calling out for movie marathons and pillow forts. It’s a space that’s just right for family and friends visits and those quiet moments of zen.

    Stroll over to the kitchen, and you’ll find room for your culinary creativity especially if you opt for an island. Whether you’re flipping pancakes or plating gourmet, it’s set up to handle the heat of spontaneous cookie baking sessions or a nice dinner. 

    The bedroom? It’s your cloud nine, a cozy room for dream-chasing and lazy mornings. And let’s not forget the bathroom, your personal oasis for bubble baths or quick showers before heading out the door.

    Now, let’s talk decks – because you have an option for not one, but two! Picture yourself stepping out to greet the morning sun with a cup of coffee or hosting the ultimate barbecue under a canopy of stars.

    This Cardinal floorplan isn’t just about rooms; it’s about endless possibilities. It’s a canvas for your memories, a place where every square foot is brimming with potential. So go on, deck it out and make it your own. It’s not just a place to live; it’s your home base for life’s greatest moments

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    Price Disclaimer: Prices may change due to material cost fluctuations. Additional upgrade options are available but not listed.

    Transportation Expenses, Tax, Title & License Fees are not included in the base price. These homes are classified as Travel Trailers/RV Park Model RV’s.

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