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Roadrunner Cottage

Base Cost $64,750*

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Standard Features

Roadrunner Quote Builer

Base Cost $64,750 


Roadrunner front pitch
Roadrunner Kitchen


Base Model

Roadrunner Model ($64,7500)


Roof Pitch Options

6/12 STD

Door Options

36” 6 Panel Fiberglass door STD

Exterior Color

Paint STD

Front Porch

Back Porch



Linoleum STD


Laminate STD


Stained STD


Black STD

Heating & A/C

Tile, back splash, fixtures, hardware, faucets, color selections, and additional options will be discussed in detail on a design call for final product review and order.


    Step into the Roadrunner floor plan at Eagle Park Cottages — it’s the ultimate playground for life’s greatest moments! Kick off your shoes in the living room, a prime spot for your coolest gadgets and comfiest couch. It’s your lounge, your command center, your front row seat to the big game or the season’s hit series.

    In the kitchen, unleash your inner chef with all the right ingredients at your fingertips. It’s your culinary stage, ready for sizzling steaks, perfect pancakes, or a fridge full of game day snacks.

    The bedroom is your recharge zone, where the day’s hustle fades into the land of Z’s. Need to focus? The office is where ideas soar and projects come to life. It’s not just a room; it’s mission control for your next big thing.

    And the bathroom — think of it as your personal pit stop for a quick refresh or a relaxing soak after a long day. Then there’s the optional porch, a front-row ticket to nature’s show, perfect for some fresh air or a chill-out session with friends.

    The Roadrunner floor plan is not just about walls and windows — it’s a foundation for your adventures, a canvas for your creativity, and a space where every square foot is ready to roll with the good times. So gear up, get ready, and let the good life begin.

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    Price Disclaimer: Prices may change due to material cost fluctuations. Additional upgrade options are available but not listed.

    Transportation Expenses, Tax, Title & License Fees are not included in the base price. These homes are classified as Travel Trailers/RV Park Model RV’s.

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